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My name is David Kern, and I am passionate about aerospace. You can connect with me as a contract pilot, flying the Gulfstream G650 and GVII-G500/G600. 

I wrote a book explaining fly-by-wire flight control systems for professional pilots.

I develop and teach online courses related to flight test engineering and risk control at Daedalus Aerospace.

You can also talk to me about strategies for developing new aerospace vehicles and systems.  Thank you for visiting, and please look me up on LinkedIn.

Books By David Kern

The professional pilot’s guide to understanding modern aircraft controls
Readers will learn:
“An outstanding supplement to any Pilots Operating Manual for those already piloting FBW aircraft.”

Mark “Forger” Stucky
Test Pilot and Commercial Astronaut

Available for your short-term crew requirements

Gulfstream G650 and GVII-G500/G600 contract pilot with over 20 years flight experience. Recent aircraft recurrent and international procedures training experienced in VVIP ops and entry into service operations.

Daedalus Aerospace provides training and tools for aerospace engineering, flight test execution, and program management.

Our courses communicate the same concepts that are currently taught at leading test pilot schools, but few have opportunity to attend – let alone can afford the time and cost. Courses like “Flight Test 101” and “Flight Test Risk Management” are available on-demand to your team.

Consulting Confidence

Let’s talk about strategies for developing new aerospace vehicles and systems.

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